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DrFrank's Upcoming events: Rhode Island, San Francisco, Michigan

DrFrank's Upcoming events: Rhode Island, San Francisco, Michigan

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--Upcoming events for Frank Lucido MD:

--Report on April 11 event: Pioneers of Medical Cannabis: The Patient

Report below, after upcoming events

4/15-17, 2010: Warwick, Rhode Island

Sixth National Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics!

PATIENTS OUT OF TIME’s Sixth National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics set to take place April 15-17, 2010 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick, Rhode Island.

The conference, titled Cannabis: The Medicine Plant, will explore the science and clinical efficacy of medical cannabis.

This event is the BEST medical cannabis conference, put on every 2 years by Mary Lynn Mathre and Al Byrne, and should not be missed by physicians who want to be knowledgeable on medical cannabis!


I will be speaking at IntCHE:

INTERNATIONAL CANNABIS & HEMP EXPO, which will be held at the Cow Palace in San Francisco on April 17 and 18

This event was organized my friend KIM CUE, who had the good taste to ask me to speak!

Although I won't be back in SF til Sunday, as a speaker, Dr. Frank Lucido: ( ) was given a table for both days of the event. Stop by and say hello to Danielle!!!

We will be at: Number 7 in the North Hall, sharing that area with Treating Yourself Magazine and uh, Hemp Dog Collars!! Hmm...Gladys the terrier and Teddy the cat may get a present...

(This event is not to be confused with another THC expo, which did not have the foresite to ask me to speak the last couple years, but didn't forget to ask me to pay for a table!)

The Cow Palace has agreed to ONSITE MEDICATION, a FIRST for the Cow Palace, or any state owned facility apparently !!!

Congrats Kim!

4/30-5/10 I will be in Michigan to see family

(especially Mom for Mother's Day May 9 !!! HI MOM!!!),

and will see patients for medical cannabis evaluations, sometime that week in Lansing Michigan area.

I will also hold a Physician Seminar, date/location TBA

Probably in Ann Arbor or Lansing area.

Interested physicians please contact me at so we can set a date and time

If you want YOUR primary care physician to learn the safe and appropriate way to do consultations, have him/her contact me! I especially want to train those physicians who still practice primary care (who haven't given up their "day job"),and who have the respect of their local medical community. Those of "expert witness" quality, whom I could put on my "physician locator" on my website at:

(Association of Independent Medical-Legal Consultants)AIMLegal Physician Locator:

To be kept up to date on future events, sign up for my blog at:

Also see prior blog:

DrFrank's Medical Cannabis Seminars for Patients and Physicians: AIMLegal

Report on April 11 event: Pioneers of Medical Cannabis: The Patient

We had good attendance, in spite of downpour 1 hour prior to start of event.

Those attending got their questions answered.

Besides me (Frank Lucido MD, Family Physician in Berkeley since 1979, Medical Cannabis Consultant since 1996, Expert Witness; Medical Cannabis, Medicine, and Ethics)

my other panelists were:

-William Panzer, co-author of Prop 215, SB420, attorney Oakland California, and my attorney for Prop 215, SB 420 issues, and a good friend

-Valerie Corral, founder of WAMM, WoMen's Alliance for Medical Marijuana, co-author of Prop 215, SB420

-Jim Squatter, activist, patient advocate, expert on history and intent of SB420, and co-author of Berkeley's Measure JJ, which passed in 2008, making Berkeley the first city to create governmental body to regulate cannabis dispensaries.

I consider both Jim and Valerie experts on "collectives" and "not for profit", by having lived it.

Don't miss my next AIMLegal teaching event, probably in late May, to be announced on an upcoming blog at:

O'Shaughnessy's online: Journal of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians

Current and Back issues linked online at this url.

Frank H. Lucido MD

Family Practice since 1979

Medical Cannabis Consultation

Expert Witness

2300 Durant Avenue

Berkeley Ca 94704

510.848.0958 (by appointment only)


Michigan office: 877-787-6900

(24 hr message line)


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