Friday, May 15, 2009

Dr Lucido's Statement to the Medical Board of California 5/8/09

Dear members of the Medical Board of California,
I have been WRITING about what I like to TALK about on my blog:
That cannabis is safe and effective medicine.
That doctors are protected all the way to the Supreme Court in making appropriate recommendations, as long as they don't aid and abet a patient in breaking federal law. (see: )
I plan to have a monthly series of talks or roundtable discussions for patients and caregivers (as opposed to "the industry").
And also I plan to teach physicians in California and other medical cannabis states my procedures for making safe and appropriate recommendations.
I'd like to see more primary care physicians feel comfortable making appropriate recommendations, especially those already established in the community, and having the respect of their peers.
If we treat cannabis like the medicine it is, it will eventually be an over-the-counter medicine for adults.
And this could happen in one of three ways:
1. It could be an executive order from the President.
2. It could be re-scheduled from Schedule I to Schedule II or III (and then the insurance companies would lobby to make it an over-the-counter drug, once they have to pay for it).
or more likely,
3. California could vote to "tax and regulate" like the city of Oakland did in 2004 with Measure Z.

I have laid out some of my major talking points in my 10 or 12 blog entries:
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My most recent blog postings:
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At June 3, 2009 at 1:15 PM , Anonymous Chris Bagdon said...

I hope your work reaches all the way to Virginia! Thank you for keeping my spirits up, Dr. Frank!!!


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