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“Hunter, Willie, Tommy, and me…”

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“Hunter, Willie, Tommy, and me…”
Dr. Frank Lucido joins NORML Advisory Board

In early 2006, I was asked to join the Advisory Board of National NORML
(National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws).
NORML was founded in 1970 by the courageous Keith Stroup.

Knowing NORML’s history, I was honored to be asked, and of course I said yes.

Also joining the Advisory Board the same year was Norm Stamper, former chief of police of Seattle, and Advisory Board member of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition).

AND, as it turns out, Tommy Chong!

When I logged on to NORML’s website, I saw the list of other Advisory Board members. These included not only many friends and heroes of mine in the medical cannabis movement, like
Lester Grinspoon MD, professor and author;
Valerie Corral, founder of WAMM;
Dale Gieringer, Vice-Chair of NORML, CaNORML state coordinator;
Mitch Earleywine PhD, professor and researcher;
Terence Hallinan Esq, attorney and former DA San Francisco;
and the late John Morgan MD, professor and author;

but also heroes of mine whom I hadn’t yet met, like…Willie Nelson!!

Then I saw the “in Memoriam” section, and realized that HUNTER THOMPSON had been on the Advisory Board, until his death in 2005.
One of my favorite authors!

So, I had to tactfully ask the obvious question below of Keith Stroup, founder and ex-president of NORML, whom I knew to be a good friend of Hunter's...
Enjoy his response...

Frank Lucido

On 10/13/06 6:16 PM, "Frank Lucido MD" wrote:

Hey Keith,
I know that no one could actually REPLACE the late, great, Hunter Thompson, but would it be accurate to say that I, or Norm Stamper, "replaced" him on the Advisory Board?
(or just that it took 2 of us to replace him, and a Tommy Chong to boot...?)
Just wonderin'...



Actually you have JOINED Hunter on the advisory board. We continue to list him as a member of the board (in memoriam, 1973-2005), at least on our letterhead, and so far no one has asked us how a deceased advisory board member can provide advice.

Those are large shoes to fill, and I too would argue, if I were in your position, that I was asked to step in and replace Hunter. It’s an honor, even if not everyone understands.

Hope you are doing well.



Hunter S. Thompson 1937-2005

Frank Lucido, M.D.

Willie Nelson

Tommy Chong

Norm Stamper
“The Drug War has arguably been the single most devastating, dysfunctional social policy since slavery.” - Chief Norm Stamper, Seattle Police Dept. (ret.)

Full listing of NORML Advisory Board members:

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