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Open Letter to Richard Lee and Oaksterdam University by Frank H. Lucido MD

Open Letter to Richard Lee and Oaksterdam University by Frank H. Lucido MD


Dear Richard Lee and Oaksterdam University,

Richard, I consider you a personal friend, and a shining light in the medical cannabis movement; and Oaksterdam University (OU) is a tremendous resource for patients and caregivers who can't get the information they need in other ways.

I have enjoyed speaking to your students who need to know about medical cannabis and its health effects, and what physicians CAN, and CANNOT do.

I hope to continue my public speaking, both at Oaksterdam University, and wherever else patients need to hear from an experienced physician, on this most important topic.

As long as the focus of OU has been patients and caregivers, I have felt good about speaking as a public service.

But it has become more and more apparent by the wording of your spokespeople, your advertising, and your webpage, that you are appealing to the business aspects, the "industry" if you will.

I believe that the "cannabis industry" is, and will continue to be an important part of the economy, once States and local entities are allowed to "tax and regulate" cannabis, and I am happy to have played my part in helping promote safe access for patients.
(As you know, along with you and others, I was a co-signer on the ballot argument in favor of the recent landslide victory for Oakland's Measure F, as I was on the Oakland's Measure Z in 2004, both of which, I believe, have set the stage for a 2010 California State ballot initiative to tax and regulate cannabis.)

But physicians need to stay separate from the "industry", and I must ask you to take my photo and "faculty" designation off your website and materials. I truly appreciate the honor it signifies, but I can't accept an official position in the "industry", nor can ANY practicing physician.

I will be holding my own monthly teaching event for patients and caregivers, beginning in the Fall, 2009.
(More in this, and on my course for cannabis physicians in a future blog:
Of course, I WON'T be teaching patients and caregivers how to grow medicine due to federal law. I am thankful that Oaksterdam University, and other sources of knowledge, exist for their sake.

Well done, Richard Lee, and Oaksterdam University!
Oakland can be proud of you! I know I am, Richard.


Frank H. Lucido MD
Family Practice since 1979
Medical Cannabis Consultation
Expert Witness
2300 Durant Avenue
Berkeley Ca 94704
510.848.0958 (by appointment only)

PS: Richard: I was just speaking at the Michigan Medical Marijuana Expo 2009, a great event put on by the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association.
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you will be happy to know that among the exhibitors, there were at least TWO other "cannabis colleges", and a number of vendors demonstrating small garden indoor grow equipment. The sharing of this important information for patient self-sufficiency is certainly in a positive direction towards "teaching a person to fish" rather than just selling that person fish.

PPS: In addition to my monthly teaching event for patients and caregivers, I will be holding a weekend course for physicians. I want more practicing physicians who have the respect of their medical community, to feel comfortable making safe and appropriate recommendations.

NOTE to Dr. Frank's readers:
Sorry about the wordiness to follow, but I am BURSTING with information, and as your doctor, I advise you to:
Although I have posted about 15 blog pieces in the past year, I only send an email "blog" every 3 months on average, so I don't fill up your inbox.
However: about 12 of these blog-pieces are the basis of a COURSE I WILL BE TEACHING TO DOCTORS, PATIENTS, AND CARGIVERS BEGINNING THIS FALL, 2009:
For those of you who DO want to receive each blog-piece as soon as I post it, you can sign up for an "RSS Feed".
On my blog page, on the right-hand side, where it says "Subscribe to", click on "Posts" or "All Comments"he.
This will be more important as time goes on, since I will soon be holding a monthly event in the East Bay, and periodically in Michigan.
(I will also be posting upcoming events on Facebook.)

DrFrank Lucido's Monthly teaching event for patients and caregivers:

DrFrank Lucido's episodic weekend course for physicians in California, Michigan and other medical cannabis states:
I want more practicing physicians who already have the respect of their medical community, to feel comfortable making safe and appropriate recommendations. Those who support my standards and practices will be listed on the "Physician Locator" I will be putting on my page (Association of Independent Medical-Legal Consultants).
More to come in future blog-piece on: DrFrank's ethics statement and sign-on list
and Medical Cannabis Physician Locator link

Also coming up:
The BIGGEST story that DIDN'T make it into O'Shaughnessy's...
O'Shaughnessy's Fundraiser 4/25/09 a HUGE success; over 200 attended, over $5,000 net donations received, Great music by Dave Carter and The Shills, and Lester Chambers Ensemble (Lester Chambers of the Chambers Brothers)
Many thanks to Danielle and the volunteers who organized one of the BEST NIGHTS OF MY LIFE, and to the many donors/attendees who made it such a success!
And thanks to Richard Lee for letting us have the benefit and celebration of my 30th year in practice at the Oaksterdam University Student Union.
(DrFrank is STILL celebrating his 30th year in Family and General Practice in Berkeley.)

O'Shaughnessy's now Online (a work in progress by our editor Fred Gardner):
New issue:


At September 29, 2009 at 12:03 PM , Blogger Frank H. Lucido M.D. said...

A Call to Ethics – and A Call for Support from Frank Lucido, MD

Friends and supporters,

I posted this piece on my blog: Open Letter to Oaksterdam University by Frank H. Lucido, MD. The complete text is posted at:
I first read the open letter to Richard Lee, personally, to make sure he heard the respect and love I intended. Then I read it at the East Bay Activists’ meeting on August 20, 2009 at Oaksterdam University's Student Union.

I got many compliments for my ethical stand. But compliments are NOT what I am looking for or needing. If you want to support my stand as an ethical practitioner please do the following very simple and very important things:

1. Please subscribe to the RSS feed of my blog and read the 12-15 posts I have made in the past year. My posts have valuable information about the medical ethics of providing appropriate consultations for medical marijuana. And, you’ll learn about my monthly teaching event.

2. Please pledge to support practitioners, like myself, with the best ethics. Specifically, please refer your friends and family to my cannabis practice.

3. Please refer your family and friends to my Family/General Practice.

As a Family Practice physician with thirty years of experience, over 12 years experience in the medical cannabis field and with my experience as an expert witness in malpractice cases, I bring a unique blend of skills to my primary care practice and medical-legal consulting practice.

Unfortunately, I have gone hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt keeping the practice going when it could have been more lucrative to do only cannabis evaluations.
I chose to continue my primary care practice, while sub-specializing as an expert in medical cannabis. These two areas have been complementary, allowing me to speak more confidently about the practice of medicine and medical ethics.

“Health care insurance” is not the same as “health care”. Health Care INSURANCE costs hundreds of dollars a MONTH IF you can get it. Seeing a doctor with thirty years experience – like me – is relatively inexpensive: hundreds of dollars a YEAR.

My non-industry stand and commitment to avoid unethical deals with purveyors of this important medicine has created a financial burden for my practice, despite it being the right thing to do.

So, again, please support my ethical stand by referring friends and family to my practice.

Thank you for your support!

Peace and health – and much love,
Frank Lucido MD

At October 9, 2009 at 11:12 AM , Blogger Frank H. Lucido M.D. said...

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