Monday, November 2, 2009

Angel Raich brain surgery update 11/1/09

Angel Raich brain surgery update 11/1/09

I visited Angel Raich at home Sunday 11/1, and she gave me permission
to say a few things. She had her brain surgery Wednesday 10/28. She
was not allowed to use her vaporizer in the hospital so they
discharged her home Saturday morning, where she has her mother, and
other friends to care for her. She's awake, alert, and moves all four
extremities, and other than pain and regaining her appetite after 4
days without cannabinoids, she looks good. Apparently the neurosureon
was able take most of the tumor, and the rest he got with a cyber-knife.
Both the neurosurgeon John Adler, and the anesthesiologist pushed to
let her be allowed to vaporize in hospital. I explained the precedent
of Alta Bates Hospital allowing her to vaporize in her hospital room
some years ago. Unfortunately, Stanford hospital found the volcano to
not meet hospital standards.*
This was unfortunate, and very painful for Angel, but she is amazing:
happy to be alive, having her memory intact, and wonders what's next
for her.You can see her history and brain scan on her site, at

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*electical appliance around Oxygen was cited. I think that an institution like Stanford University is ripe to develop more appropriate policies than early discharge after neurosurgery.
Hmmm....And it looks like there should be a race to be the first vaporizer to meet hospital standards...
Your heard it here first.


At November 30, 2009 at 8:50 AM , Blogger rsteeb said...

I would not use my old-style Volcano around oxygen, as its bimetallic thermostat makes sparks on closing and opening. I presume the new digital models are all solid-state controlled, and could possibly pass hospital-grade certification.

I brought a filled Volcano balloon in to a hospital patient one time, having filled it up in the parking structure via 12 volt inverter.

Thankfully Angel is back home now, where such considerations are now academic!

-Richard Steeb, San Jose


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