Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dr Lucido in MICHIGAN May 1-10: Consultations, Seminars for Physicians, Patients, Caregivers

Dr Lucido in MICHIGAN May 1-10: Consultations, Seminars for Physicians, Patients, Caregivers

May 1, Satuday 2-4pm: Seminar for Patients, Caregivers, and Patients Advocates,
May 3-7: Monday-Friday: Medical Cannabis Consultations, by appointment
May 8, Saturday 10-5pm; Dr. Frank Lucido's AIMLegal Course for Physicians

May 1, 2010, 2-4pm
Dr. Frank Lucido's Seminar for Patients, Caregivers, and Patients Advocates,
and anybody who wants to hear me talk about my 14 years experience with medical cannabis consulting. There will be ample time for Q & A.
My soundbite for Michigan:

I've reserved a picnic area in Lake Lansing Park North. Sandhill Shelter.
RSVP for Directions.
In case of rain, email me for alternate location.
Pot luck picnic.

May 3-7, Monday to Friday
Dr. Frank available to see patients East Lansing Area ; by appointment only
-Dr. Frank available to see patients LANSING Area May 3-7
Call toll-free 24 hr. message line for appointment
and my staff will return your call.
I require that you have ongoing care with your physician for your condition, and bring in records from the past 12 months documenting this.
You will also have to have a valid Michigan ID or driver's license,
and you must be 21 years of age. I require anyone under 21 to have written parental consent.
(Any exceptions to these requirements above must be discussed with the doctor before making appointment.)

May 8, 2010
Dr. Frank Lucido's AIMLegal Course for Physicians
DETROIT, MICHIGAN 10am-5pm, (at Law Office of Matt Abel)
by RSVP only to
(see blog of earlier San Francisco Course: )
Please contact me directly if you are a doctor interested in attending either of these seminars or if you know of a doctor you believe would be interested in attending.
(Association of Independent Medical-Legal Consultants)AIMLegal Physician Locator:

Association of Independent Medical-Legal Consultants (AIMLegal)
Expert Witness quality physicians: Why not choose the best?
I am looking for a select group of physicians who wish to attend this one day course.
This will a limited enrollment.

Expert Witness Quality.
Preferably still practicing medicine besides medical cannabis (they tend to have more credibility as expert witnesses).
Ethical, the kind of person you'd send your Mom to.

12:30-2pm lunch break
2pm-5pm (6pm latest if need more time, especially for Q & A)
15 minute break in both halves of day.

$250.00 per physician

Suggested topics:
History of cannabis as medicine; historical, recent
Cannabis benefits, risks
Cannabis bio-chemistry, physiology
Methods of use
State and Federal laws
Medical-legal practice and ethics: why do ethics matter with a low-risk medicine?
Discussion on Risks to physicians
California report: Which doctors get investigated and why
Special cases: minors, elders, pregnancy, schizophrenia

Confirmed speakers:

Matt Abel, Detroit attorney,
His practice, Cannabis Counsel, P.L.C., is entirely devoted to cannabis cases and clients. Mr. Abel's Detroit law office provides criminal defense of marijuana cases throughout Michigan. He is a lifetime member of the NORML Legal Committee and NACDL, and is a member of the Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan, the National Lawyers Guild, Americans for Safe Access, and the ACLU of Michigan legal committee.

Frank Lucido MD: Safe and Appropriate, Medical-Legal Medicine, Ethics
My main info will be what I have posted on several of my selected Blog postings at:
(Dr. Frank Lucido's Bully Pulpit: Everyone's Entitled to My Opinion)
especially then following, which I consider some of my AIMLegal core curriculum:
(Assignment: tell me the main points I was trying to make. I'll let you know if you got the points)

Open Letter to Oaksterdam University by Frank H. Lucido MD

Dr. Frank Lucido's Published Writings to date

Dr Lucido's Statement to the Medical Board of California 5/8/09

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Society of Cannabis Clinicians meets in L.A. 8/1/08

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Holding the Center

Credibility-Attorney Dennis Roberts' Testimonial

To be kept up to date on future events, sign up for my blog at:

Also see prior blog:
DrFrank's Medical Cannabis Seminars for Patients and Physicians: AIMLegal

O'Shaughnessy's online: Journal of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians
Current and Back issues linked online at this url.


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