Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dr. Frank Lucido: Best of the East Bay Express 2009 in the category: Best Cannabis Evaluations

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Dr. Frank Lucido voted "Best of the East Bay Express 2009"
in the category
Best Cannabis Evaluations: Frank Lucido MD
I was especially pleased to win this since the runner up was one of the chains that sees way more patients than I...

upcoming blog pieces:
AIMLegal.org Kick-off a success: Dr. Lucido announces AIMLegal
(Association of Independent Medical-Legal Consultants)

By the way:
Tax and Regulate 2010 WILL be on the ballot next November,
and I can't imagine it wouldn't win with this economy.
and as I have been saying:
I didn't give up my "day job"!

Announcing Frank Lucido's
Association of Independent Medical-Legal Consultants

AIMLegal.org physician locator:
"Expert Witness" quality physicians: Why not choose the best?