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DrFrank's Seminar on Arthritis April 16, 3PM Berkeley Public Library; Japanese Nuke Disaster Info links

DrFrank's Seminar on Arthritis April 16, 3PM Berkeley Public Library
Also Special offer to my Primary Care Patients

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--April 16, 3:00-4:30 PM : DrFrank's Patient Seminar: Berkeley Public Library
(More info below)

--April 23, Saturday 1PM-MN: Deep Green, an Earthday Celebration of Cannabis, Health, & Ecology,
Craneway Pavilion, Richmond, California
DrFrank is on a Panel 2:00-3:00PM
(More info below)

--Japanese Nuclear Disaster in progress: Physicians for Social Responsibility info/links
(More info below)

--New Primary Care Patient Special as of March 2011
and Medical Cannabis Consultations, now $125 for our primary care patients
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April 16, 3:00-4:30pm:
DrFrank's Patient Seminar:
Arthritis: Conventional and Non-Conventional Approaches
Presented by Frank Lucido MD, Family Medicine in Berkeley since 1979
Benjamin Zappin L.Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist
(415) 816 3546
Benjamin Zappin will be discussing traditional and research based perspectives on the use of acupuncture and both Chinese and Western herbal medicine in the treatment of various arthritic conditions.
Berkeley Public Library, 2090 Kittredge St.. Berkeley, Ca, 94704
No admission charge

April 23, Saturday 1pm-Midnite or later
Deep Green, an Earthday Celebration of Cannabis, Health, & Ecology, Craneway Pavilion, Richmond, California
I am on a panel from 2-3pm with some of my favorite people:
The Science and Promise of Medical Cannabis
Chris Conrad (moderator), Steve DeAngelo, William Courtney M.D., Frank Lucido M.D.
Cannabis went overnight from being a common medical herb, a linchpin for agriculture and industry, and a mainstay of the human diet in 1937 to being a prohibited plant that is targeted for extinction by the U.S. government, with millions of its consumers rounded up and locked away. Since the mid-20th century, we have seen the wanton destruction of the environment, the collapse of our manufacturing economy, and an increase in cancers and pollution-related health problems. This panel will look into the Cannabis and Health Connection, in its broadest implications.
• Medical marijuana in its smoked form
• Contra-indications and mitigation of negative effects
• Alternative means of consumption, like edibles and vaporization
• Patients helping patients: the medical marijuana supply chain
• Raw cannabis and CBD: Medical use without the high
• Medical marijuana to help survive Japanese radiation poisoning
• Removing radiation and heavy metals from soil with hemp
• Hempseed and hempseed oil for nutrition, body care, and more.
Schedule at:
Ticket info:
General Admission - $20 Advance* / $30 @ Door
VIP - $100 Advance* / $125 @ Door

Update on: Japanese Nuclear Disaster in progress
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Information and preparedness links:

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