Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dr. Lucido’s Primary Care Membership Plan As of February 1, 2013

Dr. Lucido’s
Primary Care Membership Plan
As of February 1, 2013

 California only; (My Michigan practice is limited to medical cannabis evaluations only)

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Frank H. Lucido MD
Family Practice since 1979
Medical Cannabis Consultation since 1996
Berkeley Ca 94704

This document describes Dr. Lucido’s Primary Care Membership Plan for Primary Care services performed in Dr. Lucido’s office, during office hours.

Annual Membership fee
Sliding Scale:
12-35 years old:          $600/yr
36-64 years old:         $840/yr
65 years old +         $1080/yr

This fee will cover any and all primary care office visits to Dr. Lucido’s office during regular office hours.  No refunds will be given for non-use of these services.  Our patients are strongly encouraged to have an annual health screening exam.

We are an “out-of-network” provider for all insurance plans at this time. If you plan to claim insurance reimbursement for your visits with us, we will provide you with the documents that you need to send to your insurance company to make a claim.   (NOTE: MediCare patients CANNOT bill MediCare for reimbursement of our fees, since we have opted out of MediCare entirely.)  Although we are not participating physicians with any health insurance plans, we will make every effort to make any needed referrals  to specialists, labs, x-ray facilities, hospitals, etc that do participate with your health plan.

Advantages of Membership:
In addition to primary health care by Dr. Lucido  (33 years in practice in Berkeley), and Maria Mangini PhD, FNP (15 years in practice in Berkeley), membership also includes:
1.    Unlimited primary care office visits to our office during regular office hours;
2.    Patient Access to MDConnection’s online Patient Portal, which allows patients to:
3.    Make or change appointments online and to
4.    Communicate online with physicians or staff

Depending on your age, gender, and the results of the history and physical exam, we may also order blood, urine and stool tests, as well as other studies. The cost of these tests is not included in the annual membership fee.

Other services, which are subject to additional charges, include, but are not limited to:

1. Hemoccult (test for blood in stool). Currently recommended annually for patients 50 year of age and older

2. Urinalysis -- recommended annually

3. Specimen handling (Pap smears, wound cultures, urine cultures, etc.)

4. Immunizations, TB tests, other medications administered in our office, and medication administration fee

5. Specific procedures performed in the office (i.e., minor surgery, ear irrigation, EKG, diagnostic tests such as vaginal wet mounts and pregnancy tests, sutures and suture removal, incision and drainage of an abscess, etc.)

6. Filling out forms (i.e. DMV forms, camp physicals, jury duty forms, work releases, etc.)

7. All services that occur outside of our Berkeley office (i.e. hospitalizations, home visits, services of outside consultants, lab tests, x-rays, etc.)

8. Regular controlled substance follow-up (including Marinol prescribing)

9. Medical cannabis (marijuana) consultations