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BENEFIT party Oct 1 for REPEAL CANNABIS PROHIBITION ACT; Pioneers: Michelle Aldrich, Jim Squatter

BENEFIT party Oct 1 for REPEAL CANNABIS PROHIBITION ACT of 2012; Pioneers: Michelle Aldrich, Jim Squatter

In this issue:
1. Saturday October 1, 2011 7pm-Midnite
Benefit party for:

Two of the earliest supporters of RCPA of 2012, whose support means the world to us:
-Michelle Aldrich
-Jim Squatter
More on them below.

1. Saturday October 1, 2011 7pm-Midnite
Benefit party for:
SF East Bay Location given on RSVP.

I have no doubt that once it gets on the ballot, RCPA 2012 WILL WIN voter approval in 2012.
But we need YOUR help in getting it there.
You will be a part of history!

The RCPA 2012:
-REPEALS all criminal prohibitions on cannabis related conduct for adults
-MANDATES strict rules against contributing to the delinquency of minors and driving while impaired.
-MAINTAINS medical rights for patients
-VESTS the California Department of Public Health with the regulation of commercial cannabis (above 3 pounds and 100 square feet canopy)

a. BEST option (because WE know that YOU want this to succeed, don't you?!!)
Please send checks NOW payable to: Sensible California:
Sensible California
PO Box 282
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

The next options allow you to RSVP, but your entry to the party will be guaranteed on donating in advance, and space is limited.
b. RSVP on Facebook "event" page at:

c. You can also make pledges and RSVP
by email:
or by phone: (707) 520-4205

We will have a campaign website up and running soon, but WE NEED FUNDS NOW.
Be one of the first 150 donors of $25 or more to be assured entry to the benefit party October 1.
Our sliding scale for the Oct 1 benefit get-together is $25-$1,000
(and upwards for those who have the means). The sliding scale can be lower
for true activists who have the time to seriously volunteer for this historic campaign.

We will be looking for people who can donate time, skills, or money to this historic race over the next 15 months.
The first part will be the hardest, and most telling: the signature drive.
We estimate we will need $1.25 million dollars for the signature gathering stage and lots of grass roots volunteers,
In order to show the bigger money donors that we Californians are ready to Repeal Cannabis Prohibition!

The FULL TEXT of the initiative, and the press release from last week can be found on my previous blog

Two of the earliest supporters of RCPA of 2012, whose support means the world to us:
-Michelle Aldrich
-Jim Squatter

Michelle and her husband Mike Aldrich have been cannabis pioneers since way before Prop 215 in 1996.
but I will focus on Michelle today, because she gave us some of the earliest feedback (both kudos and suggestions) on RCPA of 2012 about two weeks ago:
"I do like it. Yes, it is simple, just the way it should be. I have one question about ..."
Her support and feedback made me feel especially good because of the esteem in which I hold her.
Michelle and Mike were instrumental in getting the first EVER marijuana initiative on the California State ballot, (or on ANY ballot!!) in 1972. That initiative was coincidentally also called "Prop 19".
She is Currently
• Member at San Francisco Medical Cannabis Task Force
• Member Board of Advisors at Patients Out of Time
• Treasurer at California NORML and has been with CaNORML since 1978
• Past-President, Co-Founder at AIDS Prevention Action Network
• She was Vice President at Amorphia in the 1970's, which made Acapulco Gold rolling papers. (Apparently, the assets of that company became the funding for the 1972 election initiative, and the organizational structure contributed to founding NORML).
AND she and Mike have been my friends for these 15 years since the passage of Prop 215 in 1996.

Jim made our day when he emailed back:
" I think it's just about perfect. In fact one of the best efforts I've ever seen in written form for potential legislation".
It turns out that ALL FIVE of the co-proponents of the RCPA of 2012 know Jim!
Now that I think about it, Pebbles and I are activists first, so of course we would know Jim. The other 3, Joe Rogoway, Bill Panzer, and Omar Figueroa are all attorneys. Real actionists (Activists with the emphasis on "actions") tend to know lawyers and other activists.
I have known Jim since 1991, when I first went out to the Nevada Test Site (NTS), for the civil disobedience at the gates of the NTS. He knows first-hand about living collectively, being part of Seeds of Peace when I met him, and knows Prop 215, SB420, and not-for-profit collectives backwards and forwards.
He also knows about performing civil disobedience when necessary.
My experiences at the Test Site, with the likes of Jim, and other activists, like Dan Ellsberg, led me to activism/actionism, and the experiences I wrote about on my blog 1/17/11;
Civil disobedience vs civil obedience: when is each appropriate
Crossing the line, and knowing where the line is.
Jim has been my friend since 1991, and legend has it that he taught Michelle Shocked how to squat.

Dr Frank Lucido, Berkeley, California
Co-proponent, Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act 2012
Family Practice since 1979
Medical Cannabis Consultation
Expert Witness
Berkeley Ca
510.848.0958 (by appointment only)
Michigan office: 877-787-6900
(24 hr message line)

ps: New Primary Care Patient introductory rate now extended until October, 2011
We are not on any insurances; a deal-breaker for some,
but the uninsured think we're a good deal.
NOTE: our Primary Care patients also get a steep reduction in their Medical Cannabis Evaluation fee.
Your Family Doctor in Berkeley since 1979!

DrFrank will also meet with any physicians who would like to be part of and take my certification training.


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